The Cripple of Inishmaan

A tragicomedy about life on Ireland's desolate Aran Islands

Written by:

Martin McDonagh

Directed by:

Kerrin White

The Cast:

Matt Houston, Mary Angley , Eleanor Boyd, Alan Fitzpatrick,
Benjamin Maio Mackay , Ben Todd, Tracey Walker, Sue Wylie and John Leigh Gray

The Season:

Thu 3 Sept at 8pm
Fri 4 Sept at 8pm
Sat 5 Sept at 8pm
Wed 9 Sept at 8pm
Thu 10 Sept at 8pm
Fri 11 Sept at 8pm
Sat 12 Sept at 2pm
Sat 12 Sept at 8pm


Adult: $22 / Concession $17


Cripple Billy stares at cows… a lot.

It’s not that he is particularly fascinated by cows – it’s simply somewhere where he can do his best thinking.

And Billy’s best thought is always the same; “How the hell can I get away from Inishmaan?”

His wish appears to be granted when a Hollywood director arrives on a neighbouring island to film Man of Aran.

If only Billy can find a way across to Inishmore.

We  need your clean, empty food cans. Office open 2pm – 5pm Mondays for drop off.

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