Philip Lineton

Board Member

Philip has been involved in community theatre since first appearing as a Russian dancer in a production of “Fiddler on the Roof” in FNQ some thirty years ago

After moving to Adelaide about twenty years ago he has acted with at least ten Adelaide theatre groups, too many to name.

He has always enjoyed acting at the home of the Adelaide Rep, the Arts Theatre, remembering with great pleasure the role of Paravicini in Therry’s 2011 production of “The Mousetrap” and various roles in the Rep’s own 2009 production of “The Sneeze”.

Although before coming to Adelaide he was involved both as an actor and board member of theatre groups becoming a board member of the Adelaide Rep will be his first foray onto a theatre board since then and he looks forward to contributing to the position of the Rep both as the oldest and most enduring theatrical institution in Adelaide but also as amongst the most relevant, forward looking and prescient.

Outside of the theatre he is a solicitor in private practice, a member of other boards and has two adult children and a granddaughter.

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