Review by David Corkill

Not knowing what to expect from this play, I was delighted to find that the unfolding of a mystery became the unfolding of a comedy. Starting with Sherlock Holmes’s being typically clever to Doctor Watson, it was looking like the standard fare from a Conan Doyle classic. Then around the dry correctness of Sherlock and the earnestly devoted Watson, a procession of increasingly quirky characters move on and off the set. While the key protagonists follow the trail of the puzzle, they encounter individuals with accents that become more diverse and silly. With variations of costume, wig, hat and posture, the same actors appear over and over in different guises.
The humour is exquisite, with hilarious script and great delivery. The cast is very talented and the play is great fun.The set is sparse but effective, with an attractive projected hand-drawn backdrop that changes with the scenes and the narrative.

If you enjoy a good laugh, then this is a must-see play


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