Misalliance is an ironic examination of the mating instincts of a varied group of people.

Written By: George Bernard Shaw
Directed By: Brian Knott

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Thu 11 Sep at 8pm
Fri 12 Sep at 8pm
Sat 13 Sep at 8pm
Wed 17 Sep at 8pm
Thu 18 Sep at 8pm
Fri 19 Sep at 8pm
Sat 20 Sep at 2pm
Sat 20 Sep at 8pm

Ticket Cost – Adult: $22
Ticket Cost – Concession: $17

Though Hypatia is engaged to a young aristocrat, and has even had a scandalous proposal from her intended’s debonair father, she is restless. She acknowledges that her fiance is clever, and is the most interesting man she’s had a choice of, but she is impatient with his having brains and little else to attract her. She longs for some adventure to drop out of the sky. And drop it does.

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