The knives are out at the dinner party from hell!

01-dinner-smallWritten By: Moira Buffini
Directed By: Dave Simms

The Cast:
Helen Geoffreys, Peter Davies
Nicole Rutty, Steven Marvanek
Olivia Eblen, Alan Fitzpatrick
Geoff Dawes

Opening Night: 18/04/2013 – 08:00 pm
Closing Night: 27/04/2013 – 08:00 pm

Ticket Cost – Adult: $ $22
Ticket Cost – Consession: $ $17

Paige, a self-confessed ‘rich-bitch’ and hostess extraordinaire, has invited an artist, a scientist and a sexpot to dinner to celebrate the publication of her husband’s bestseller. But there are hidden agendas, an uninvited guest, a course of live lobsters and a mysterious waiter who says nothing but sees everything!

As each course is served, caustic comments fly like poisonous darts across the dinner table leaving a trail of emotional carnage.

In this deliciously bitchy satirical comedy, revenge is a dish that isn’t served cold – it’s frozen to death!

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