Board Member

May I introduce myself as a board member elected  in  2021
My name is Sam Christodoulou.
I am a practising property valuer , in sole practice since 1979.
I also have a Graduate Diploma in Town Planning in 1978.
In my working life ,I have served on the board of the Institute of Valuers (S.A. divn)
for 11 years, (1983-1992)
Retiring from that board after 2 years as its President.
Between 1987 and 1997 I served as an elected member on the Adelaide City Council.
As an elected member of Council I also served as a Trustee on the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust for 2years.
I have also served on a commercial board representing the Adelaide Produce Markets between 2012 and 2016, last two years as its Chair.
Since then I have been working in time sharing in both my practice and my wider family business.
I have had a keen and long time interest in both theatre and sport throughout my working life and was delighted to be asked to stand for election to the Adelaide Repertory Theatre Board.
The challenges with funding, Covid, and a return to some form of normality and attracting patrons back to theatre is an exciting one.
No doubt there will be difficult moments and competition with the comforts of internet entertainment, but that makes it all the more exciting, to attract people out of their creature comforts of home to return patrons back to live theatre.
I hope to serve the ART well.

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