Written By: Brenton Whittle
Directed By: Sue Wylie

This is the World premiere of a very funny piece of black comedy written by Adelaide actor/writer Brenton Whittle.
Three generations of a very Australian family observed lovingly and without bullshit, by their recently departed patriarch.
These are real people with depth.
Yes it’s a comedy but no caricatures please.
Must have strong natural Australian accents. Nothing posh about this lot.

Roles Available:

William Clarence (Clarry) Hobbs – 75
* Dead. Just.

Mary Hobbs (his wife) – 70
* In wheelchair

Their children:
Andy Hobbs – 42
* Lives overseas
* Creative Director of an Ad Agency in Bangkok

Craig Hobbs – 35
* event planner and producer
* an MED (Major Events Director)
* gay cross-dresser

Betty Barks (nee Hobbs) – 40
* Housewife / Part Time Aromatherapist
* Nicknamed ‘Woof’ by her loving husband

Nick Barks – 43
* married to Betty, with 2 children
* former Policeman
* now security consultant

Their children:

Tambourine Barks (Tam) – 16
* 16 going on 25
* Permanently attached to her mobile phone

Billy Barks – 14
* named after grandpa
* doesn’t say much until it really matters

Nurse – female 40’s
Doubles as Charlene (Charlie) Hobbs
* Harry’s 3rd wife
* Very together
* Absolutely has the measure of her husband, Harry.

Funeral Director – male 60ish
Doubles as Arthur Harold (Harry) Hobbs – 70
* Clarry’s brother
* Retired govt worker
* Con man cum bullshit artist

Mrs Dorothy (Dot) Dash – Early 70’s
* Clarry and Mary’s neighbor ‘across the way’.

Rehearsals held at the ARTS Theatre
Tuesday And Thursday 7pm – 10pm
Sundays (times to be confirmed)
Starting Sunday 7th April 2019
Table reads in November 2018 dates TBC.

June 20th – 22nd 2019 at 8pm
June 26th – 29th 2019 at 8pm
Matinee at 2pm on Saturday June 29th
Venue: The ARTS Theatre 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Auditions: Saturday 15th September by appointment at the Arts Theatre

More Information: Contact Sue Wylie on 0407 478 518 or email suewylie30@gmail.com

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