Auditions for ‘The Rivals’ (virtual play) written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan and directed by Matthew Chapman.

If you’d like to audition for both ‘The Rivals’ and ‘A Woman of No Importance’ then you will be given a 30 minute time slot. Please see our other event with information about ‘A Woman of No Importance’. A 15 minute time slot will be given to auditionees who are only auditioning for one virtual play and not both.

The play will be filmed and rehearsed at the Arts Theatre. The filming date will be one day in December at a time agreed upon with the cast and crew.

To book an audition slot, please email with a preference for morning/afternoon and the role/s you’d like to audition for. Audition scenes will be provided.


Lydia Languish (Stage Age 16-20)
Romantic, beautiful, intelligent…and bored.

Julia Merton (Stage age 20-25)
The ideal Regency beauty, wise, modest and kind. Not afraid to tell anyone off. Undeniably sane, but puts up with everyone’s terrible behaviour, so is she perhaps the most bonkers of all?

Mrs. Malaprop (stage age 40+)
The Queen of the Dictionary. She is determined that everyone should improve themselves in every way, but affairs of the heart may be the key to her undoing.

Lucy (stage age any)
The trust maid. Or can she be?

Captain Jack Absolute (20-30)
Full of swashbuckling charm and wit but prone to moments of insecurity and temper when forced into a corner. Masquerades as a poor soldier to win Lydia’s heart and purse.

Faulkland (20-30)
The Hamlet of High Comedy. While everyone is in a comedy, he is the star of his own personal tragedy. Prone to moments of extreme emotions. Really. Very extreme.

Sir Anthony Absolute (40+)
Iron-willed and immoveable, but slightly emotionally unhinged. Likes a drink and a pretty lady. Does not like disorder or being contradicted.

Bob Acres (20-35)
Stylish and up to the minute. Sleeve lengths and deportment are much more important than any actual personality or ability.

Sir Lucius O’Trigger (30-40)
The part that caused an actual riot at the first performance. Dangerous close to the dirty old man. Lazy. Charming in an odd sort of way.

Fag (20-25)
A Regency Yuppie in the making. Biding his time as valet in order to make his move up the social ladder. Rather taken by Lucy.

Thomas (any age)
Sir Anthony’s valet. Honest, hardworking and plain. Also a little bit dim.

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