Sweet RoadContemporary Australian DramaWritten by Debra OswaldDirected by Erik Strauts
THE PLAYA gentle drama about six different characters, each facing their own individual challenges and looking for a direction forward. As their lives interweave and disperse and plans go awry, each of them discovers that the road they are travelling may not always take them where they expected, and if they are lucky, the destination may be more wonderful than any of them could ever have dreamed. Full of vitality and good humour, this play explores the aspirations and idiosyncrasies of seemingly ordinary people as they cross the vast and far from ordinary Australian landscape.
SYNOPSISJo, ferrying a cake for her husband Brents’ fortieth birthday, stops at the traffic lights only to see him, in his vehicle, puckering lips with the young office girl Shelley . She turns the car around and decides to take Brent’s credit card on the ride of its life. She also picks up the hitch-hiker Yasmin, hot-footing it to the New South Wales coast to find her boyfriend . Other pilgrims include Andy and Carla, with their kids Blake and Nicolle, leaving Coober Pedy for a New Start and Frank, a widower on a melancholy caravan holiday, who discovers the zen of canoeing. Then there’s Michael, grieving the death of his son in a traffic accident, travelling alone, delivering fizzy drinks to roadhouses in the back of beyond.
OTHER INFORMATIONThe setting is Australian country roads and towns around 2000.
Multiple scenes and locations.
Short-listed for the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Awards .
Performed by State Theatre Company of SA – 2000.
Rehearsals: Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon or evening from early July (not required for each one)
Season: 8 to 17 September (8 performances)
Venue: Arts Theatre, 53 Angas St, Adelaide
ROLES AVAILABLE:All the major roles have already been cast but there are 4 cameo roles open. These are relatively small and would suit actors with limited experience keen to get some stage time with a major Adelaide community theatre company and to work with a very experienced team. Actors in these parts will only be required for a limited number of the early rehearsals but will need to be available for all rehearsals in the last two weeks before opening night. Doubling will be considered but only if necessary.
Policewoman (adult female, young/middle aged, on for 3 pages): local country town cop. Helpful and sympathetic.
Curtis (adult male, middle aged, on for 3 pages). A seriously bad boy.
Mechanic (adult male, any age, on for 2 pages): at a small country town garage. Friendly.
Receptionist (adult, any age, on for 1 page): at a small country town motel. Not very friendly or helpful.
AUDITIONSat 19 March, Arts Theatre, 53 Angas St, Adelaide. Please book a 15 minute audition slot by emailing Laura at playreading@adelaiderep.com
You will be provided with details of the audition conduct once you have booked.
If you would like further information about the play, the roles and the audition process please contact the director:Erik on 0438 275 814 or strauts@bigpond.net.au

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