Directed by Harry Dewar
 AUDITIONS: Friday 15th September 6:00pm & Saturday 16th September 10:00am
Season: The Arts Theatre June 6th – 15th 2024

Acclaimed movie producer David O. Selznick has a problem: his massively hyped production of
“Gone With The Wind” is bleeding big money, the script is unfilmable, and the production has been
shut down. Disaster looms! He needs a new script and a new director now!
With renowned writer Ben Hecht (who hasn’t read the book) and celebrated director Victor
Fleming (who is up to his eyeballs in directing “The Wizard of Oz”), and a diet of bananas and
peanuts, he locks himself in his office for five days to create a screenplay that will save the film.
In a play that is both hilarious farce, and an homage to movie-making, playwright Ron Hutchinson
imagines those days and nights when three of the maestros of the Golden Years of Hollywood
came together to make movie history.
David O Selznick: Caucasian Male 39 years;
movie producer / entrepreneur;
obsessive, determined, manipulative and passionate about making great movies
Ben Hecht: Caucasian Male 45 years;
acclaimed playwright & screenwriter who began as a newspaper reporter;
literate, cynical about Hollywood, strong sense of social justice
Victor Fleming: Caucasian Male 49 years;
ex-army, a “man’s man”
award-winning film director; creative and inventive practitioner of the craft of film-making
Miss Poppenghul: Female (age and race not specified)
Selznick’s PA/secretary/gatekeeper
Tough, professional, superhumanly efficient
The three males are historical. Miss Poppenghul is a collage of various women who worked for
Please prepare a monologue of 3 – 5 minutes of your choosing, ideally in a light American accent.
Be advise that you may also be asked to do some reading from the play.
For Audition bookings contact Penni Hamilton-Smith at or 0488 084 698

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