A thought provoking and clever look at sex & marriage. With the kids away, three married couples get together for an evening of relaxation and laughs. But as the liquor flows and secrets are revealed, trust is tested and boundaries are broken. A comedic and thought-provoking look at fidelity, lust, communication and what it really takes for a marriage to survive and thrive. By the end of the evening, what should have been just an innocent party turns into an event that changes all three relationships forever.
Sexually explict words and actions. (No nudity)
Contemporary setting.
This will be an Australian premiere (first produced in USA 2009)

Roles: All parts are of equal size/significance. All actors are on stage for most of the two act play.

3 Males – all late 30s / early 40s
Phil – Well groomed, charming, but serious, self-employed businessman.
Greg – Self-deprecating computer whiz that wishes he were more assertive, especially with his wife.
Carl – Free spirited writer. He’s horny and proud of it.

3 Females – all late 30s / early 40s
Joan – Phil’s wife. Personable upscale housewife who can be bitingly sarcastic at times.
Lisa – Greg’s subtly controlling attorney wife. The work-hard / party-hard type.
Kelly – Masseuse and Carl’s wife. Pretty and sweet, yet clever at putting Carl in his place.

Auditions: Sunday 23rd November 2014 at 7pm. Thomas Nave Room, Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide
Callbacks: Thursday 27th November 2014.
Season: 18 – 27 June 2015
Please contact the Director, Erik Strauts on 0438 275 814 or email strauts@bigpond.net.au for further information.

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