Crimes Of The Heart

Written by Beth Henley

Directed by Geoff Brittain

Under the scorching heat of the Mississippi sun, three sisters reunite for the first time in a decade as past resentments bubble to the surface and each sister must come to terms with the consequences of her own “crimes of the heart”.

One Female Role – Stage Age 29

Chick Boyle is twenty-nine years old and seems to have everything: a husband, two children, a nice house, and respect in the community. She believes she knows what is best for everyone, she does not hold back any of her opinions or advice. She can be demanding and is extremely concerned about the community’s opinion of her. She is the cousin of the MacGrath sisters and lives next door. There are signs that underneath her arrogance and judgemental attitude, there might be a reasonably good person.

Please note, this actor requires a Southern American (Mississippi) accent


April 8 – 17, 2021. Rehearsals will begin at the beginning of February, 2021 and will be on Tuesdays & Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.


Saturday 17th October 2021


Audition times and enquiries: Please contact the Director, Geoff Brittain, on 0402 012 520 or email for an appointment or with any enquiries. Prepared audition pieces are NOT required.

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