Written By Tennessee Williams

Directed By  Barry Hill


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is the story of a Southern family in crisis, especially the husband Brick and wife Margaret (usually called Maggie or “Maggie the Cat”), and their interaction with Brick’s family over the course of one evening gathering at the family estate in Mississippi. The party is to celebrate the birthday of patriarch Big Daddy Pollitt, and his return from the Ochsner Clinic with what he has been told is a clean bill of health. All family members (except Big Daddy and his wife, Big Mama) are aware of Big Daddy’s true diagnosis: he is dying of cancer. His family has lied to Big Daddy and Big Mama to spare the aging couple from pain on the patriarch’s birthday but, throughout the course of the play, it becomes clear that the Pollitt family has long constructed a web of deceit for itself.

Roles Available

The roles of Big Daddy, Brick, Maggie and Mae have been pre-cast.

Big Mama –  Brick’s mother. Fat, breathless, sincere, earnest, crude, and bedecked in flashy gems, Mama is a woman embarrassingly dedicated to a man who despises her and in feeble denial of her husband’s disgust. She considers Brick her “only son.”  age 60’s

Gooper  –  A successful corporate lawyer. Gooper is Daddy’s eldest and least favored son. He deeply resents his parents’ love for Brick, viciously relishes in Daddy’s illness, and rather ruthlessly plots to secure control of the estate. 30s or early 40s

Reverend Tooker –  A tactless, opportunistic, and hypocritical guest at Big Daddy’s birthday party. As Williams indicates, his role is to embody the lie of conventional morality. Note especially in Act III his off-hand anecdote about the colors of his cheap chasuble fading into each other. 40s, 50s or 60s

Doctor Baugh –  The sober Baugh is Daddy’s physician. He delivers Daddy’s diagnosis to Big Mama and leaves her with a prescription of morphine. 50s or 60s

Rehearsal – Day/Time(s)

Two weeknights and Sundays to be advised

Date(s)/Time(s) of Performance(s):

23-25 June 2016 at 8 pm

29 June – 2 July 2016 at 8 pm

Matinee 2 July 2016 at 2 pm

Performance Venue

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street Adelaide

Audition Date(s)/Time(s)

8 August 2015 by appointment

Audition Venue

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street Adelaide

Audition Contact Name Barry

Audition Contact Phone 8365 1328 or 0400 827 634

Audition Contact Email barry1953@hotmail.com

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