An information night for August: Osage County is scheduled for January 28th at 7pm in the Thomas Nave Room, Arts Theatre 53 Angas Street, Adelaide.

Director David Sinclair will be discussing the play and the roles to be filled.

Auditions to be held at the theatre on February 1st and 2nd at 11am.

There will be an initial read through on March 13th with rehearsals commencing  March 31st.

Season June 19 – 28  2014

Email enquiries to



BEVERLY WESTON, sixty-nine years old

VIOLET WESTON, Bev’s wife, sixty -five years old

BARBARA FORDHAM, Bev and Violet’s daughter, forty six years old

BILL FORDHAM, her husband, forty-nine years old

JEAN FORDHAM, their daughter, fourteen years old

IVY WESTON, Bev and Violet’s daughter, fourty-four years old

KAREN WESTON, Bev and Violet’s daughter, forty years old

MATTIE FAE AIKEN, Violet’s sister, fifty-seven years old

CHARLIE AIKEN, Mattie Fae’s husband, sixty years old

LITTLE CHARLES AIKEN, their son, thirty-seven years old


JOHANNA MONEVATA, housekeeper, twenty-six years old

STEVE HEIDEBRICHT, Karen’s fiance, fifty years old

SHERRIFF DEON GILBEAU, forty seven years old

Some of these charcters have been pre-cast.

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