A Woman of No Importance (virtual play)
Written by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Angela Short

Audition Bookings:
Please book a 15 minute audition slot at playreading@adelaiderep.com. Let us know what time suits you and what character/s you will be auditioning for so we can send you the correct audition pieces.

Audition date:
Saturday 13 June 10am-5pm.

The filming date is Saturday 24 October 2020 at the Arts theatre. Rehearsals will be agreed upon with the cast leading up to the performance. For more information, please email us.

Roles available:

Lord Illingworth Aged 45-50
Batchelor, witty, flirtatious, charismatic, distinguished and exceedingly confident in himself.

Mrs Rachel Arbuthnot Aged 40-50
Gerald’s mother. A churchgoer who does good work among the poor. A strong bright woman who knows her place. She is not the same class as the gathered company.

Gerald Arbuthnot Aged very early 20s
Young, enthusiastic, naïve with a strong belief in honour and duty.

Mrs Allonby Aged 30-50
A flirtatious controvertial woman with non convential ideas on marriage and woman. A female dandy.

Miss Hester Worsley Aged 18
A visiting American. Full of the spirit of an energetic confident youth, although an outsider in British society. Described as a puritan by some of the company.

Lady Jane Hunstanton Aged 50-65
Socialite and gossip. Not as high class as we would believe but covers it well. Hostess and Mistress of Hunstanton Chase.

Lady Caroline Pontefract Aged 45-60
Traditional woman, married to Sir John. Her “caring” for Sir John could be interpreted as being controlling, but she obviously feels the need to.

Sir John Pontefract Aged 50-60
Husband of Lady Caroline. Content for his wife to be otherwise occupied. Enjoys the company of the ladies when he can.

The Ven Archdeacon Daubeny DD Aged 50-70
A jolly vicar with a demented wife.

Lady Stutfield Aged 25-35
Appears Naïve and not very bright but could use this as a rouse to gain male attention.

Mr Kelvil MP Aged 30-50
A politician who says he wants to improve the morality of the lower classes. His work absorbs much of his family time. Lacks charm and charisma.

Lord Alfred Rufford Aged 25-35
Lazy aristocrat who is in debt and love spending other people’s money.

The following parts are free of an age restriction.
Farquar – Butler
Francis – Footman
Alice – Maid

All accents are British except for Miss Hester Worsley, who is American.

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